Chennai - Porur

The SportyBeans Porur centre is an outdoor ​location ​and highly spacious with 4800 sqft. of clear space for the children ​

Our greatest strength lies in the exceptional quality of our Coaches, who we call Beanstructors. They are well qualified, experienced and have a deep understanding of young children. We maintain a very healthy Coach to child ratio which is 1:4, which is by far the best in the industry. Beanstructors are trained in First-Aid and early childhood development theories apart from Sport skills, so as to impart high quality sports instruction to the children.

Contact Information :

Center Head : D.K. Logapriya
Location Info : Rangaswamy Street ,Kothandam Nagar, Mugalivakkam, Porur, Chennai -116.
Tel : 9941400666 ,9841326626


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