Making a positive difference in the lives of Children and young Professionals

About Us

SportyBeans is India’s most reputable multi-sport program for children (aged 1.5-8 years). We have been operating since 2009 and currently run classes for children at locations across the Country. Our research backed sports curriculum teaches children the fundamentals of 9 popular ball sports (Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Rugby and Tennis) in a social, non-competitive, team-based environment.

SportyBeans seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle, develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport. Our aim is not only to teach the sport but to make the child’s first introduction to sport exciting and memorable. We are passionate about giving children, through sport, a solid foundation from which to develop many aspects of their lives. As well as physical improvements, we carefully develop life skills, such as confidence, concentration, social interaction, sportsmanship values and many more, in a caring and fun environment.

Our Methodology

Our biggest differentiator is not what we do, but ‘how’ we do it!

Whether it’s the structure of our sessions, our batch sizes,our carefully sourced child-size and child-friendly sports equipment, our extensively researched curriculum or our expertly trained coaches; every minute detail of our program is meticulously designed to ensure that we achieve our core objective - to instil in children a life-long passion for sports!

All classes follow a consistent and structured format; starting with warm-ups and speed and agility drills and progressing to skill development and creative games and are expertly coached, to ensure that every child gets an opportunity to learn the fundamentals and progress at his/her own pace.

Be it ball, bat, or racquet our Coaches know exactly how to dispense sports skills and creatively engage children across our different age groups. We also know that kids learn best when they’re having fun, that’s why we’re passionate about making sure every kid at SportyBeans has a ball!!

Our Coaches

We like to call our coaches “Beanstructors”

Beanstructors go through a careful selection process that includes among other things background checks and police verification. Upon hire, they undergo a rigorous induction program that includes intensive training in the SportyBeans Methodology along with the fundamentals of child handling and child development theory.

From visual demonstrations to curriculum planning to effective session flow management, our in-depth training fully prepares our Coaches to maintain the highest quality in program delivery across our centres. Our Training Team also conducts regular refresher training programs for old and new coaches to ensure that the quality of instruction in our programs is not diluted.

As a condition of employment, all Coaches are also required to have First Aid certification.

Though they come from a variety of backgrounds – what every Beanstructor has in common is; love for children, a passion for sports, and above all a commitment to imbibe that passion in every child they teach.

Our Story

SportyBeans path-breaking multi-sport program was designed and introduced in 2009, with the purpose of creating an environment “where kids have a ball!!”

SportyBeans began in 2009 with just a single location and is today proud to offer its programs through centres and in schools in locations across the country. SportyBeans was one of the first multi-sport programs of its kind in India, and we have continued to evolve to ensure that we deliver world-class programs to children, whether that means partnering with leading sports coaches and professionals, child health specialists or working with schools to compliment and enhance existing physical education programs.

Over the years, SportyBeans has provided thousands of children with an introduction to a range of sports and social skills, along with a newfound confidence to help succeed on and off the field. At SportyBeans, we believe we can make a difference—a difference in the lives of children and young professionals.

With SportyBeans centres now present across the country, and more to come, we hope to reach out to as many children as possible,and wish that every life we touch results in a healthy and happy child.

Our Core Team

At SportyBeans, our objective is to imbibe a lifelong passion for sports in children. We hope to reach out to as many children as possible through our programs and impact their lives positively.
Our programs are run by enthusiastic, hard-working and talented Coaches, who are supported behind the scenes by our experienced leadership team at our HeadOffice.

Karan Sareen

Director,  Projects

With an MBA in Human Resources and over 15 years of experience in the Retail Sector, Karan is the driving force behind the expansion of the SportyBeans brand.

Kapil Sareen

Director,  Operations

Kapil has been an active Sportsman all through his school and college days and has represented the state in various sports. His passion for Sports led him to conceptualize and develop the SportyBeans program and he continues to work towards strengthening the SportyBeans methodology.

Suchint Joshi

Director,  Franchise Development

With over 8 years of experience in marketing Real Estate, Suchint brings his business acumen and selling skills to SportyBeans.

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