Delhi - West

The SportyBeans Center in West Delhi is located at Paschim Vihar. With a state of the art indoor and outdoor facilities, the Center offers an ideal location to nurture the Sports stars of tomorrow.

Our greatest strength lies in the exceptional quality of our Coaches, who we call Beanstructors. They are well qualified, experienced and have a deep understanding of young children. We maintain a very healthy Coach to child ratio which is 1:4, which is by far the best in the industry. Beanstructors are trained in First-Aid and early childhood development theories apart from Sport skills, so as to impart high quality sports instruction to the children.

Contact Information :

Center Head : Vinita Chhabra
Location Info : G.D.Goenka La Petite Block BG - 7, Paschim VIhar, Delhi - 110063
Tel : 9810481975


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